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27-Jul-2017 15:49

It was said that Deepika and Ranveer's break-up was a result of 'drifting apart' (just like the many times in the past that they have 'drifted apart') and that there was no one reason for the couple parting ways.

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16-Oct-2017 01:51

The Vancouver-based Genesis Robotics, co-founded by Christian entrepreneur Michael Gibney and inventor James Klassen, has developed a direct drive actuator called the Live Drive, a device that seeks to solve the main problem that has been holding the robotics industry back."What they have been waiting for is the direct drive actuator — that's a non-geared electric motor — and that is precisely what we have created," Gibney, the company's president, told The Christian Post in an interview.

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05-Nov-2017 21:11

Whether you’re looking for super hot adult cam time or free cyber sex fun as a novice or an old pro, Growly has the links.

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